Pricing & Reimbursement Report

30 November 2018

This report highlights key US pricing and reimbursement trends including analyses of the roll-out of value-based assessments and various CMS initiatives. It also includes coverage on CAR-Ts, gene therapies, biosimilars and other drugs in development.

A sampling of headlines:

• Value-based assessments and payment models draw heightened payer interest at ISPOR but implementation in the US to remain slow, experts say
• CMS’ Medicare Advantage changes on Part B/Part D cross-management meets with physician resistance, but commercial plan experience will likely drive changes, experts say
• CAR-T reimbursement discussions in Germany, UK find greater emphasis on survival rates; annuity-based payments likely, experts say
• Aimmune’s alternate dosing AR101 trial for peanut allergy unlikely to spur significant commercial impact; treatment logistics, reimbursement require efforts, experts say