EBD Group

EBD Group's overriding mission is to help collaborations get started across the life science value chain. To achieve our mission, we created a variety of partnering conferences that today have grown to become the largest and most productive conference platform in the industry. Each one of our eight landmark events held in key life science markets around the world is powered by our state-of-the-art partnering software that enables delegates to efficiently identify and engage with new opportunities via one-to-one meetings.

Today, our events annually attract more than 10,000 senior life science executives who engage in tens of thousands of one-to-one partnering meetings. These vital one-to-one engagements are the wellspring of deals that drive innovation in our industry.

To this growing conference platform we added partnering360®, the industry's largest virtual partnering network of 29,000 dealmakers, innovators, investors, academics and service providers. If you attend an EBD Group conference, and as a member of partnering360, all of your partnering activity data is seamlessly synchronized for a continuous and effective partnering process. Or, partnering360 members can tap into this robust virtual partnering community anytime to nurture new partnering opportunities.

These powerful elements work together to create the most dynamic, comprehensive partnering solution in the life science industry.