Meet the Team

Querida Anderson

Editor in Chief | Global

Querida Anderson previously was the online managing editor at Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), which started as a trade magazine 30 years ago with a focus on biotech tools. Over her seven years at the publication, Querida gave GEN an online voice and expanded its coverage to drug development and business analysis. She wrote news stories daily and assigned and edited multiple analytical feature stories and blogs a week. She is a published science writer and has produced science news stories for ABC and NBC. Querida also worked on a documentary for the Discovery Channel. She has a Master’s in Science, Health and Environmental Reporting from NYU. Querida majored in Physics at Mumbai University, where she graduated with honors.

Surani Fernando

Editor, North America | New York

Surani Fernando first joined BioPharm Insight's London office as a drug development reporter in 2010 and has generated a number of market moving scoops and in-depth analyses on key therapeutic areas. She has also reported on drug reimbursement, regulatory affairs, patent litigation, M&A and business financing. Surani has covered academic and industry meetings in both Europe and the US where she has interviewed key opinion leaders and C-level executives and has also made TV appearances on CNBC and Sky News as an industry commentator. In November 2014, Surani became the Editor of BPI’s European new desk and moved to New York in September 2016 to lead the US team. Prior to her career in journalism she worked in clinical operations at CRO PAREXEL. She has a Bachelor of Medical Science and Master of Health Communication both from Sydney University, Australia.

Coverage: Pulmonary/respiratory disorders, Men's and women's health, Infectious disease including vaccines except HCV, HBV and HIV

Alaric DeArment

Senior Reporter | New York

Alaric DeArment joined in March 2014 as a reporter primarily focusing on hematology oncology indications. In addition to analysis of clinical trials, regulatory issues, market uptake and pricing and reimbursement, he has broken news on material drug developments and provided coverage from major medical conferences including ASH, ASCO, EHA and others. In 2016, he moderated a panel discussion at the Clinical Trials Innovation Programme in Miami and was also awarded a fellowship with the Association of Health Care Journalism Comparative Effectiveness Research in Washington. Alaric previously covered prescription drugs as associate editor of Drug Store News, from August 2008 until January 2013. He has a bachelor degree in journalism from Ball State University. A native of Seattle, he also lived in China from September 2001 until September 2004.

Coverage: Brain Cancer, Haematological Cancers, Sarcomas, Polycythemia vera, Myelodysplastic syndromes, Myelofibrosis, Non-Malignant blood disorders

Manasi Vaidya

Reporter | New York

Manasi Vaidya joined as a reporter in New York in February 2015 and has covered the drug development space across a number of therapeutic areas, and built an expertise in writing about oncology. While focusing on analysis pieces about ongoing clinical trials, her coverage has also branched out to regulatory issues, pricing and reimbursement and patent litigation. She has covered practice-changing developments from high profile conferences like ASCO and SABC, in addition to FDA regulatory meetings. She previously covered the Asian biotechnology industry for BioSpectrum, a monthly magazine in India, for two years. She has a Masters degree in Science, Health and Environmental Reporting from New York University, and a Masters degree in Biotechnology from Dr. D. Y. Patil University. Her work has appeared in Nature Medicine, Nautilus and Technology Review India.

Coverage: Cervical Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Breast Cancer, HIV/AIDs, Vaccines, Allergies, Respiratory

Shuan Sim

Reporter | New York

Shuan Sim has a Bachelors degree in linguistics and journalism from New York University. He had previously worked in various trade publications covering technology, precious metals and diamond trade and more. Shuan has worked as a breaking news reporter covering Asia and an international reporter in the Czech Republic. He’s also fluent in Mandarin and proficient in Japanese.

Coverage: Ophthalmology, Ear Disease, Bone Disease, Rheumatology, Pain/Migraines, Prostate Cancer, Thoracic Cancer, Head & Neck Cancers

Kelly Lambrinos

Senior Editorial Analyst | New York

Kelly Lambrinos is a senior healthcare analyst at BioPharm Insight. Prior to joining BioPharm Insight, Kelly held a Researcher position at Innovative Science Solutions, a full-service scientific and strategic regulatory consulting firm. At Innovative Science Solutions Kelly was involved in assisting small and large pharmaceutical companies with FDA Advisory Committee meeting preparation, including the one that led to the first biosimilar approval in the US, as well as other medical advocacy projects.

Kelly has a BS in Biology from the University of Athens, Greece and earned a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology from Columbia University. Her Master’s thesis focused on comparing the established guidelines, approval rates and length of the approval process for Biologics between the US and EU. Kelly is fluent in Greek.

Pratik Pangaonkar

Editorial Analyst | New York

Before joining the editorial team as Healthcare Analyst, Pratik was part of Global Data's business development team based in San Francisco. Prior to that, Pratik was a Healthcare Content Analyst in BioPharm Insight's research team where he served as a liaison between the research and product development teams, providing secondary market research analyses and structured recommendations for projects. Pratik has a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from University of Mumbai and a Master’s degree in Biosciences, with a Business major from the Keck Graduate Institute, California. He also has internship and graduate consultant experience with llumina Inc. and Thermo Fisher Scientific, respectively.

Jennifer Smith-Parker

Editor, EMEA | London

Jennifer Smith-Parker joined BioPharm Insight in October 2009, covering healthcare policy and regulatory news in Washington, DC. After developing excellent sources and fostering a reputation for producing in-depth analyses, scoops and trend pieces, she has steadily risen in BPI’s ranks. She has attended conferences across the US and Europe and moderated BPI panels with industry leaders. Prior to BPI, she was associate news editor at FDA Week, covering FDA regulatory policy. She also worked at The Monitor newspaper in South Texas where she was awarded the Texas Medical Association’s Anson Jones journalism award for an article on breast cancer. Jennifer graduated from New York University with a BA with Honors in History and Journalism.

Coverage: Generics and biosimilars, EU/US regulatory and reimbursement

Hamish McDougall

Senior Reporter | London

Hamish McDougall has a BSc in Neuroscience from the University of Sussex and is primarily covering the neuroscience indications for BioPharm Insight. Prior to joining us he was assistant commissioning editor for a well-known collection of biomedical journals at Expert Reviews, including Expert Review of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology and Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine.

Coverage: Neurology/CNS, Psychiarty, Muscular Dystrophy, Lung cancer, Diabetes

Fiona Barry

Reporter | London

Fiona Barry previously worked in France as a journalist at William Reed Business Media, covering global manufacturing, regulatory and outsourcing news for the biopharmaceutical industry. She has also reported on global food and beverage companies. Fiona holds an M.A. in English and a B.A. in English and Philosophy from Bristol University. She speaks English and French.

Coverage: Women's and men's health, Orphan/rare diseases, CRO/CMOs, Industry trends

Hannah Wilgar

Reporter | London

Prior to working for BioPharm Insight, Hannah investigated and wrote public engagement articles for the Wellcome Genome Campus, part of the Wellcome Trust. She has a BSc in Genetics from the University of Sheffield and an MSc in Developmental Cell Biology from the University of Sussex. After graduating, Hannah taught science and wrote and developed biomedical training materials for a broad range of clients, from Roche Pharmaceuticals to the World Health Organization. While Hannah’s primary area of expertise are genetics, oncology and personalized medicine, she has experience writing about a broad range of topics including universal healthcare policy, stem cells and infectious disease.

Coverage: Cardiovascular disease, Dermatology/cosmetics/Infectious Diseases (mainly bacterial infections), Endocrinology/Diabetes

Reynald Castaneda

Reporter | London

Reynald Castaneda, prior to moving to London, was a journalist for healthcare newspaper New Zealand Doctor, covering primary care health politics and medical research. He has a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Auckland and a postgraduate diploma in journalism from AUT University. Prior to venturing into journalism, Reynald worked as a laboratory technician for Massey University’s Institute of Molecular Biosciences.

Coverage: Ophthalmology, Ear Disease, Bone Disease, Rheumatology, Pain/Migraines, Prostate Cancer, Thoracic Cancer, Head & Neck Cancers

Supa Chantschool

Senior Editorial Analyst | London

Supa Chantschool has a MSc degree in International Health Management from Imperial College London Business School, UK and a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from King's College London, UK. His team had won the yearly Business Plan Competition for a full vertically integrated medical tourism platform for the US in his MSc. Additionally he had completed a Pricing & Market Access project with a consultancy firm before joining BioPharm Insight's editorial analyst team.

Samuel Macleod

Editorial Analyst | London

Sam is a Healthcare Editorial Analyst on the BioPharm Insight team. He has a BSc in Anatomy and Human Biology from the University of Western Australia. Prior to joining the editorial team, Sam worked for the CRO Medpace as a Clinical Data Coordinator working extensively on Oncology and Genetic Disorder trials. He has also previously worked in research roles for cancer charities