Macrogenics’ enoblituzumab has experts debating ligand target potential; antibody design suitable

02 Feb 2016

Macrogenics' (NASDAQ:MGNX) enbolituzumab' B7-H3 ligand targeting strategy has some experts saying the ligand-directed approach may not be as effective as generating an antibody against its receptor, as does a PD-1 inhibitor. However, due to several challenges in isolating the B7-H3 receptor, others noted targeting the ligand was a worthwhile tactic nonetheless.

Additionally, experts compared enoblituzumab's design potential as an Fc optimized platform and compared that to a blocking antibody — as is the case with anti-PD1s and anti-PDL-1s — and pointed out the difficulties in generating the latter.

The conflicting literature on B7-H3's role in immunology which debates its role as a tumor-inhibitory in some cases and stimulatory in others, was noted. However, this could be tumor specific, said one expert.

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