Ganymed’s anti-Claudin18.2 Phase II highlights high-expresser potential as a first-line advanced gastric cancer therapy – experts

23 Jun 2016

Ganymed's Phase II IMAB362 data in first-line advanced gastric cancer patients have experts particularly intrigued over its potential in patients with high Claudin18.2 expression. While some cautioned that the chemotherapy that IMAB362 was combined with and compared to is no longer the standard of care, experts nonetheless found the overall data set valuable.

Safety and tolerability was a coprimary endpoint with progression-free survival (PFS), and experts noted that side effects were manageable. IMAB362's specificity for Claudin18.2, bodes well for the drug moving forward, they noted. Additionally, the target's wide expression in gastric cancer also ups the therapy's overall potential if results hold up, they noted.

Phase II data presented at the recently concluded ASCO conference showcased a positive PFS and overall survival (OS) benefit for the trial overall as well as for those considered high Claudin18.2 expressers. OS was a secondary endpoint.

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