Financial Services

BioPharm Insight features investigative news and thousands of healthcare data points, aggregated into one centralized source, which is used in the idea generation and due diligence process by investment managers, consultants and investment banking advisory groups globally.

Investigative Journalism

BioPharm Insight's investigative journalists publish daily news articles focused on events expected to occur in the future such as:

Expected Clinical Trial Results
Upcoming Approvals
Drug Pricing and Uptake
Regulatory and Reimbursement Trends

Potential M&A and Financing Deals
Live Deal Analysis
Pending and Potential Litigation

BioPharm Insight's news is compiled into reports by topic such as specific indications, adverse events, licensing/financing/M&A deal activity, in addition to a monthly catalyst report that contains the news articles related to the events that are expected to occur in that month.

BioPharm Insight's news is accessed via its web portal and mobile app, with the option to create email alerts according to a specific topic or list of companies.


Perform due diligence in BioPharm Insight to make the most informed decisions.

Extended 9-Year Sales Forecasts

  • • Historical and projected sales figures for over 7,000 drug products
  • • Both consensus and individual forecasts
  • • Therapeutic market sizing

Catalysts Through 2045

  • • EU Filing Expected
  • • Exclusivity Expiry
  • • FDA Decision Expected
  • • Licensing
  • • Patent Expiry
  • • PDUFA

Screen Drugs Using 97 Data Fields

  • • Patent Expiration Year
  • • Most Advanced Phase
  • • Therapeutic Area
  • • Indication

M&A Deal Data

  • • Exclusive pro-forma pipeline simulator
  • • Both consensus and individual forecasts
  • • Deal profiles with deal multiples & advisors

Licensing and Royalties

  • • Recently Announced Licensing Deals