DBV and Aimmune likely to claim individualized slices of peanut allergy pie, DBV’s patch may sway risk averse parents – experts

09 Jun 2017

DBV’s (EPA:DBV) and Aimmune (NASDAQ:AIMT) respective peanut allergy products will see individual preferences affect uptake, experts said. However, DBV’s Viaskin Peanut could appeal more strongly to parents who may be willing to compromise on efficacy for better safety, they added.

While Viaskin Peanut is an epicutaneous immunotherapy that delivers increasing doses of the allergen through the skin with a patch, AR101 is an oral immunotherapy that uses standardized doses of peanut preparations.

Analysts estimate AR101 revenues in pediatric populations to reach USD 943m in 2030, and Viaskin peak sales are expected to be USD 1.5bn in 2027

Experts had mixed opinions about their eventual preferences, pending approval, as AR101’s better efficacy may appeal to parents more adamant to aggressively tackle the allergy, while parents of younger children might favor DBV’s softer and safer patch approach to avoid AR101’s systemic side effects.

Additionally, early data has shown better compliance with Viaskin Peanut, which could be clinically advantageous translate since it involves a less intense dosing regimen and fewer office visits, said experts.

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