BridgeBio’s Phase II infigratinib trial for cholangiocarcinoma enrols 75-80% of 120 patients, sources say

11 Jul 2018

BridgeBio Pharma’s Phase II trial investigating BGJ398 (infigratinib) for cholangiocarcinoma has enrolled 75-80% of its 120 patients, two sources familiar to the trial said.

The first source noted enrolment slowed down in the Phase II (NCT02150967) trial when Novartis (VTX:NOVN) out-licensed infigratinib to BridgeBio, but both sources noted the trial is back on track. This is thanks to the unmet need in this rare form of liver cancer, the second source explained.

A 30 January media release shows Palo-Alto, California-based BridgeBio licensed infigratinib from Novartis, with BridgeBio launching QED Therapeutics as a subsidiary to develop infigratinib with an initial financial commitment of USD 65m. BridgeBio’s latest fundraising round C raised USD 135m in September 2017.

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