Alnylam’s patisiran, Ionis’s inotersen in hATTR amyloidosis have varied strengths and weaknesses to call market winner, experts say

29 Jun 2018

If approved, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals' (NASDAQ:ALNY) patisiran and Ionis Pharmaceuticals’ (NASDAQ:IONS) inotersen, both for hereditary transthyretin-related (hATTR) amyloidosis, have market strengths and weaknesses, experts said, in contrast to an analyst’s prediction of patisiran’s market superiority.

While three experts agreed that patisiran has a superior safety and efficacy profile for better market traction, one noted the trials were actually not comparable to make that claim. Inotersen’s subcutaneous administration gives it a market edge over intravenous patisiran, five experts said, although three said this may be mitigated by inotersen’s need for platelet monitoring.

The analyst-predicted US price of USD 300k-350k is realistic, one expert noted. In the UK, both drugs will go through a Highly Specialised Technology (HST) process which prices drugs between GBP 100-300k/year, although prior drugs in this process have been priced below GBP 200k/year, one expert noted. Although inotersen may have some reimbursement conditions, no further reimbursement hurdles are expected, she added.

Patisiran has an 11 August PDUFA date, while inotersen has a 6 October date.

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